Pence was approached about his potential role in overthrowing Trump via the 25th Amendment

The Ugly Truth

ed note–the readers of this website will recall the predictions made here just a year ago in the aftermath of Pence’s visit to Israel where he met with Netanyahu and more than likely had the following conversation, to wit–

Netanyahu–How was your flight, Mr. Vice President?

Pence–Fine, Bibi, thanks for having me. God bless Israel and the Jewish people… L’Chaim!

Netanyahu–Yes indeed Mike–can I call you Mike?


Netanyahu–Ok, Mike, then let’s get down to business. As a devout Christian Zionist, a TRUE believer, you really do believe that the Jewish state is the embodiment of God on earth, right?

Pence–Yes, absolutely.

Netanyahu–And you adhere to that part in Genesis where it says ‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee,’ correct?

Pence–Absolutely. The infallible words of God Almighty himself…

Netanyahu–Great. Ok then, let me ask you something, Mike–If something should happen to Trump–God forbid…

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