Israel says it wants war with Iran and is meeting with Arab countries to ‘advance’ it

The Ugly Truth

ed note–anyone spending as much as 5 minutes a day following any news where Israel–the world’s largest insane asylum housing millions of mentally-ill and criminally-inclined misfits, derelicts, and degenerates–features as the main topic will of course react to the title of the news piece with the same shock that attends news of hurricanes erupting during hurricane season.

OF COURSE Israel wants war with Iran. Iran is after all, the very same nation that figures into one of Judaism’s most important yearly religious celebrations where Jews recall and festivate what they believe was the mass-massacre of 75,000 Persians by feral, violent Jews living there at that time.

What needs to be understood–but sadly, which is not–about all of this is that Israel as a nation and Jews as a group want war with EVERYONE and indeed, see themselves at war with everyone by virtue of what Judaism preaches and teaches vis…

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