BRUSSELS BOMBSHELL: No extension without Second Referendum or Softer Brexit

The Slog


Blair “advice” to the EU fingered by Brussels source


Welcome to life as a vassal captive of the European Union. Acording to The Times this morning, the European Council will veto the spineless British demand for an Article 50 extension unless we agree either to a Second Referendum or an even worse Withdrawal Agreement than the one we’ve got. (Which was, until 24 hours ago, a closed and sacred book which must not be opened otherwise a plague of anthrax-riddled scorpions would surely emerge). It is an entirely predictable bullies’ power grab that vindicates every last British vote to Leave this coven of witches.

Immediately following the Times story’s appearance, I rang The Slog’s Commission mole. This was the response.

“The story doesn’t surprise anyone here. It has the fingerprints of Guy Verhofstadt and Tony Blair all over it. It’s what they…

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