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win_20190127_120025 Just when you thought that, if nothing else, we had control over the decision to extend Article 50, Barnier told key European press titles yesterday that it was inevitable…thus rendering at least two UK Parliamentary votes before March 29th irrelevant. Setting aside that unpardonable interference in our affairs, it is noticeable that the MSM has completely blanked the big question: why did he do it? The Slog examines the evidence.


Somebody needs to tell young journalists that most of the press releases they’re given aren’t news at all….if  the non-event stories on Brexit last week are anything to go by. The amusing thing is that most of them missed the biggest story of all…and probably, the Sprouts in Belgium were taken in too.

On Tuesday, the FT ran a story saying some Brexiteers were ‘softening’ on the March 12th May Deal vote. The BBC ran a little more on…

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