THE BREXIT LESSON: As long as there is no common ground in Britain, we shall be divided and ruled

The Slog

methoughtful Today is a day for counting the numbers – and while numbers aren’t everything, they do count if we really are to become a Nation governed for the needs of the contributory Many. Ideologues of Left, Right, globalism and neoconservatism represent the contemporary narratives obeyed by most….but accepted by a dwindling minority. This is a bad time for the deserving and the decent, and haymaking time for totalitarians. Britain must look for a way, from now on, to be on the right side of history. Achieving Sovereign Brexit is but one small part of that, but it is a vitally important first step.


It’s been fun writing the Brexit Follies over the last five days. The Quasimodo Quintet I chose to feature – Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Grieve, John Bercow and Jean Claude-Juncker – may have felt like eating a chalk and cheese sandwich, but in…

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