Leaked materials from Assange’s lawyers say FBI has secret recordings taken from the Wikileaks founder’s hard drive

In late June, 2014, Danish lawyers working with the organization were preparing to send complaints to the Danish authorities claiming that the FBI violated the law by buying hard drives stolen from Julian Assange. The Danish legal team drafted a pair of letters to be signed by Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen (though the metadata identifies Eddie Khawaja as the author), one for the Danish Police and one for the Danish Independent Police Complaints Authority. Emails sent among the WikiLeaks legal team say the goal of the complaints was to open investigations into Thordarson and “more importantly” into the FBI.

These letters, drafted in Danish by Assange’s lawyers, both state that the hard drives were stolen from Julian Assange. In contrast, Assange’s affidavit describes the drives as having been stolen from unnamed individuals associated with WikiLeaks and as containing chat logs, financial documents and “video footage taken in secret.” Though the complaints do not appear to have been previously revealed WikiLeaks’ public statements confirm, the complaints were filed.




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