VW DIESELBOLLOCKS EXCLUSIVE: Schauble tells media, “It’s all Greek Double-Dutch to me”

The Slog

drivelbloke1Dutch global bailin template manufacturer Jeroan V. W. Dieselbollocks has been caught red-handed by US authorities deceiving the entire world about its emissions of bigfatfib pollutant in relation to Greek debt. By mid morning today, 7.3 million unsound bites had been recalled, withdrawn and then erased regarding template launches in Cyprus and Greece, while 4 million models in Italy, Spain and France have come forward to accuse Dieselbollocks Fiscal Fallacies GmBh of rape involving fiscal phalluses being rammed down their throats.

wolfspy1515ptnetSpeaking from Berlin, Oberstürmbannreichsgauleiterfiskaluniongeheimeführer Wolfpack Schnebel told reporters from Der Völkische Beobachter, “I do not recall ever working with this company, which I am told was a minor supplier to my Eurogruppenschutzstäffel and so this is nothing to do with me, although if I were you I’d talk to Frau Merkel, she might know something”.

This afternoon, founder Jeroan V. W. Dieselbollocks issued a statement saying “I personally…

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